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Boat Show Entrants & Class List

The Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance is by invitation only. The Selection Committee invites those entries that they feel best exemplify the annual theme and class structure. Several factors are taken into consideration for accepting an entry for the Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance. The following information and guidelines should help clarify the consideration given to each entry.

The fastest way to get your boat considered by the Selection Committee is to register online. The process takes only a few minutes. Please read the instructions prior to registering to guarantee a smooth process.

Entrants receive Exhibitor badges for full use of Lakewood Yacht Club’s restaurant and pool facilities.

Overnight security is provided by off-duty police officers and Lakewood members.  Additionally, secure trailer parking is provided for both car and boat owners.

Over 200 volunteers are deployed throughout the grounds and the harbor during event hours to provide specific assistance to car and boat owners.

The deadline for entries is Friday, March 10, 2023

The vintage boats are divided into roughly 20 classes. This year we are honoring all Classic and Vintage Boats.

Formal judging takes place on Saturday. The awards are presented on Saturday. Awards include Best of Class and Silver in each boat class. Corinthian Awards are awarded to boats deserving of Special Mention.  The Awards presentation ends with the ultimate award known as the “Commodores Award” for Best of Show.

The classes below will be used as the primary guideline in determining the classes used for judging. Classes may be added or expanded to more accurately reflect the actual entries received, i.e. size of boat, manufacturer, etc. The classes are defined by ACBS guidelines as of November 2015.

Historic – built before 1919
Antique – 1919 to 1942
Classic – 1943 to 1975
Late Classic – 1976 to 1990
Contemporary – A Wooden boat built within the past 25 years.
Custom – modified or one of a kind (any year)
Classic Glass – to 1990 only
Replica – built as a copy of any production type boat (any year)

Historic Cruiser
Historic Runabout
Historic Utility
Historic Sail

Antique Cruiser
Antique Runabout
Antique Utility
Antique Outboard
Antique Sail

Classic Cruiser
Classic Runabout
Classic Utility
Classic Outboard
Classic Sail

Contemporary Cruiser
Contemporary Runabout
Contemporary Utility
Contemporary Outboard
Contemporary Sail
Classic Glass
Custom / Other
Late Classic Cruiser
Late Classic Runabout
Late Classic Utility
Late Classic
Late Classic Sail
Electric Boats
Race Boats
     Vintage and Contemporary


A Runabout includes an inboard engine, with the engine decked over.

A Utility includes an inboard engine with removable box over the engine.

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